Energy bars are intended to be supplemental bars that are advantageous nourishment containing a mix of complex sugars, protein, fat, fiber, and vitamins, which gives and manages one’s energy, manage cravings and diminish indulging eating habits. Energy bars are a helpful approach to obtain the vitality and supplements one seeks, all within a decently portioned bar. They are utilized by many individuals, including open-air aficionados, travelers, work out enthusiasts, and workers with labor intensive jobs. Since they’re so convenient and sufficient for a nutritious snack, the market fragment incorporates the lion’s share of individuals inside the product’s scope. Recognizing and assessing the market segments and keeping in mind the end goal to enhance the clients appeal to their particular product, is important in the competitive market today.

EatingEnergyBar-1Most Energy bars will advertise themselves to appeal to the outdoorsman’s market. Specifically using psychographic segmentation, as a marketer will use people’s lifestyle and activities to define a particular market segment. Hikers, campers, hunters, climbers, and bikers all make up a large market that is known for consuming energy bars on a regular basis. They are small easy to carry and a convenient form of energy and sustenance any active individual can obtain. When out is the wilderness, and typically away from grocery stores and civilization, energy bars typically have enough nutrients for any outdoorsman who doesn’t want to stop to eat a full meal.

Energy bar’s convenience is one of its most highly marketable advantages. Energy bars can particularly appeal to the “go-getters” that are constantly on the move. Consumers are known to regard energy bars as a form of portable breakfast option. For the adults on their way to work, to kids on their way to school. Energy Bars can be a quick source of energy and nutrition for those that do not have enough time for a sit-down meal. 23UBER1-master768Although Energy Bars often depicts users Biking or doing so type of active sport, recent analysis has revealed that most energy bars are in fact eaten by office workers while they sit in cubicles. According to an Article by the Free Wood Press, 79% of Energy Bars are consumed behind desks.

Energy Bars also appeal to those who live not only an active lifestyle but a Healthy Lifestyle. Many Energy Bars advertise themselves to be sugar-free, high in protein, and without artificial ingredients. Regardless of an individual’s activities for the day, or availability for a meal, many will still choose to eat an energy bar because it can be a healthy choice for a snack. Parents especially are well known to buy Energy Bars because they can come in large boxes and may be a better alternative for their kids than a bag of chips in between meals. Many Energy Bars are made without GMO ingredients, have less than 200 mg of sodium per serving, and contain zero refined sugar, sugar alcohols, or artificial sweeteners. An Article by gives a list of nine that follows that exact criterion.

bar-cliff-400.jpgA well-known energy bar that meets all Segmentation Variable is Clif Bar. Which is known to be targeted for those with an active, busy lifestyle, and made‘s list of Best Energy Bars. However, Clif Bars lack the advertisement to showcase them as such. The packaging shows a climber climbing a cliff or the Crunch variety with shows a hiker. Yet Clif bars have little to no advertisement to showcase how they also carry a The Luna Bars, which are advertised to appeal more to women as a lower calorie option. Nor their line aimed towards Kids. Clif Bar should release more advertisements that allow them to showcase all who Clif Bars can appeal to, especially workers who just need a quick snack. From Clif Bar’s Youtube channel, They have many videos showcasing their product’s ingredients and the athletes it appeals to. Specifically, Clif Bar has a line of videos entitled Team Clif Bar which the channel describes as a “community of pro and amateur athletes, sponsored by us and rolling on Clif energy.”. However, I feel they should make more videos that may appeal to more of the average working individual.

Energy bars are well known among more active and healthy individuals for a reason, generally given their ability to provide a jolt of energy, convenience, and the solid ingredient they are made with. If Energy bars were to broaden their primary focus with their items, they would reach a bigger market than they have now. The active and 5aabc19776a6e81940efb8c4d47dd442.jpghealthy individuals are the focus now, but companies would benefit from expanding to hard working employees on the job, regardless of their activity level. For whatever length of time, so long as Energy Bar organizations stay aware of buyer needs and requests, individuals will continue purchasing their items. Provided Information on what people may look for in a healthy Energy Bar, as well as a few not as well known options.

Free Wood Press Provided information on the types of Lifestyles and demographics that use energy bars. Specifically, the working class that consumes most energy bars behind their desk. Provided more information on more well known Energy Bars and their ingredient content that makes them a healthy choice.

Clif Bar’s Youtube Provided information on Clif Bar’s ingredients and how they appeal to athletes as well as how they advertise and to what demographics.